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    SBS drama Let's know about KAIST.

    In 2000, the drama-KAIST-SBS

    1. basic information

    KAIST is the Korea Advanced Institute of science and technology (KAIST), SBS's drama featuring Collegiate look. In 1999, he moved to 1 GB, which was aired in 2000, he also was aired 2 gigs. In electronics, computer science, KAIST 1 is also the first real world focus is tuned in to Kim Chong-hwan, a Professor of KAIST-developed robot soccer robot circles appeared popular this material, such as MR was also at that time was the rookie class with many actors now grow star real KAIST students appeared often in drama, and has been for quite some time already ceased production in the past, such as attracting attention so far is the drama that has a layer of mania. High ratings, and 1 (1-67) has since ceased production, Chair, Dept. of aviation circles ' Icarus ' a Chair, 2 (68-81) has been produced by the popularity of the previous work is not an early final.


    2. the cast

    Hui Township (Lee Hee-Jung Professor station)

    Kim Ki hyun (Kim Dae-Hyun)

    Ahn Jung-hoon (Park Ki-Hoon, Professor)

    Baek Jong-Hak (Professor)

    Lee Min-Woo (min Jae station)

    Chae Lim (Park Chae-young)

    Shin Eun Jung (Shin Nam-Hee)

    Lee Eun-ju (formerly support station)

    Kim Jung-hyun (Kim jeongtae)

    Jung, torch (Mansour)

    Jung-min (Choi Jae-Myong station)

    Vanity (Oh-OK the main station)

    Michael (Michael)

    Kang Sung-yeon (min-Kyung-Jin station)

    Rockin' County (now County station)

    Lee na-young (Comet)

    Intelligence (for uk)

    Kim Joo-hyuk (Myung-Hwan)

    Kim Jung-min (Jung Jin-soo)

    Yoon JI-min (Yoon JI-min)

    Yeon Jung-hoon (Yang Byung-Seok)

    Lee, Kyu (Lee Kyu-Han


    3. plot

    Chair, reveling in their young lives of friendship, science, drama

    -Find the plot I power .. > Take a look at yourself.


    4. free available one

    SBS ALL VOD : http://www.sbs.co.kr/allvod/vodMain.do

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    * Note: SBS ALL VOD

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