• SBS drama Let's know about Mr. Q.
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    SBS drama Let's know about Mr. Q.

    In the 1990s, drama-Mr. Q-SBS

    1. basic information

    Mr is produced from SBS broadcast like the 18-episode tree drama. On May 20 1998, July 1998, 16 were aired. The popularity of the comic, but the vanity authorship, "La La" fashion company in the background was a defeat in the competition by the wayside ojaro figures have their own abilities that was hidden, the success story to recover. this work was initially planning a sequel trilogy was a 16-Kerry, perhaps because the problem part 2 cast of expanded 18 circuit.

    In 1998, won the Grand Prize at the SBS acting Kim Hee-Seon

    1998 SBS acting awards best hooks

    1998 SBS acting awards excellence in acting award, song Yun-Ah

    1998 SBS acting awards outstanding actress recommend Hyo

    In 1999, the 35th paeksang Arts Awards TV section popularity award song Yun-Ah


    2. the cast

    Kim min-Jong: d and I am concerned, this river sat station

    Kim Hee-Seon: "La La" design of the organizations, the development of the temple-> Hye-won station

    Song Yun-Ah: "La La" design Chief, Hwang Julie station

    Encourage the development of yeast: proxy, and Kwang-ryul station

    Myung kaynam: "La La", managing, managing station

    Park Kwang-Jeong: "La La" Planning Chief, Taiwan station

    Choi Jeong-Yoon: development and Temple, narae station

    Cho Hye-Ryon: development and Temple, OSUN heart station

    Garden: development and Deputy, hentai sub station

    Shade: Development Director, Woo choong Geun station

    Park estates: "La La", or commercial station

    This NAK-Hoon: "La La", the President of relative station


    3. plot

    Sales and valet (Kwon Hye-Hyo) is ' abusive ' privacy, PR Jung narae (Choi Jeong-Yoon) is ' indecent ', the accounting department OSUN (Jo Hye Ryun) promotes the atmosphere of the ' decadent ', changed the Planning Department Deputy (garden of) ' perverts ', the production purchase Woo (shaded) is called the ' duty of waiting due to the organic realignment. the bride and the wedding of an old lover of the river is a circle and the year of first contact to work with and, and put archive cross-portfolio year won the House of representatives receive a portfolio with the appointment of the river but failed to meet the river sat falls in the u.s. joined a portfolio submission. on the other hand, the perception from the first timecard River (hooks) to the crowds as the peddlers an exaggerated expenses Park (Park Kwang-Jung) is like writing a resignation threat. Hwang, Managing Director (System m) 's daughter Julie (song Yun-AH) is the Managing Director of torch on line see Hwang. Lara is also a fashion design chief Julie sat on the River to a new employee without content-description hotel coffee shop asked me to. Julie came out without knowing the reason River came to the line and sat dating to the person who introduces the sat River.This embarrassing position as the Managing Director of Hwang-Hwa issued a list waiting for the pool sat in the river. The House of representatives failed to submit a portfolio done this I think to blame and the river sat sat on the cold shoulder to the river. the River will let in the design Chief, who joined the House of representatives do not know to ask, and with Lara in fashion are working with this year's House and river sediment is wringing; to watch both those who ordered or the atmosphere of Commerce; (Park Manor), a Department of the newly established with the intention of ' development ' as ordered, that Huang, Managing Director of conspiracy to hide ...


    4. free available one

    SBS ALL VOD : http://www.sbs.co.kr/allvod/vodMain.do

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