• You'll learn about the SBS drama model
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    You'll learn about the SBS drama model.

    In the 1990s, tv-model-SBS

    1. basic information

    On April 9, 1997-August 1997 7 televised 36 trilogy SBS tree mini series. Every Wed, Thurs night 21:45 to 22:45. Fashion models industry backdrop of the young men and women in their work and love the trendy drama to brilliant cast and sensual videos and actual SBS Super Elite model contest from this advanced, song Sun-MI, a handful of young's appearance, and so forth. but, at the time of the situation (a serious economic recession), the luxurious materials that were the worst in 1997, dealt with criticism over the results being chosen, the infamy of the drama and embraced


    2. the cast

    Kim Nam-Joo: song Gyeong-Rin station

    Han Jae-Seok: gave the station a trillion

    Jang Dong-gun: Lee Jung-station

    Yeom Jeong-Ah: Clap Oh station

    Lee, young-bum: Clap Oh husband station

    Song Sun-MI: Kim immigration station

    This advanced: I'm Phil NET station

    Jeon Gwang-RYEOL: Jang hyuk station

    This stone: this is an empty station

    So JI-sub: song Gyeong-Chul station

    Jang hyuk: Joon-Ho station

    Dong-hwan: I love station


    Yumi: millet or to a new station

    Lee Ji-Eun: fashion magazine reporter station

    Jung dong-sook: Kim come to relocate station

    Cheon Ho-jin

    A handful of young: Eugene station


    3. plot

    Model life life and job in the world, the fashion industry's story drama


    4. free available one

    SBS ALL VOD : http://www.sbs.co.kr/allvod/vodMain.do

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    * Note: SBS ALL VOD

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