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Will owner Ray Lyons events conspire analysis data.

Electronic disclosure of I tried to write down the good material instead of securities in minutes.

Ray appliance business

2011-05-DR (Digital Radiography) bar co., Ltd. 's business headquarters founded by splitting the company to present material as far as the X-ray Detector, r & d, design, manufacture and sales of medical equipment manufacturing company. Our X-ray CMOS Detector, the Detector and the Detector main products TFT Sensor I/O.

SeparatorFields of applicationThe main sales areasSPG client
TFT DetectorMedical, veterinary, industrialMedical, veterinaryRayence Inc, Cuattor Veterinary,
Logos lmaging
CMOS DetectorDental, breast, industrialDental (2D, 3D)Bar tech co., Ltd.
I/O SensorDentalDentalLtd. bar tech global, Inc.-bar-Tech Inc.

Ray Lyons Skill level

(1) the maturity of the technology

The company's products are a key part of winning as a diagnostic imaging Detector, hardware, FPGA (Field Programmable Gate Array) firmware, appliance Division, image processing software must perform the complex and interconnected organically and ultimately a higher quality images can provide to customers. Highly cumulative elements must be good quality Detector technology is created. The final evaluation of the quality of the images made through the video quality of the products is the most important indicator of influence. The decline of the noise generation image quality. the noise performance and hardware factors most closely is thillay, ROIC (ReadOut IC), and the Panel, software, you can view the elements of the image processing technology.

The company has invested over the past three years, reduced the noise in a bold self-designed R&D Panel technology to design a secure, ROIC, til my goods directly from the deposition technology. In particular, the technology world to secure any place the verb display TFT array if a manufacturing plant to produce mass production as soon as possible to create a level of responsiveness and rapid product demand can secure cost competitiveness advantages.

In addition, the company is a specialized image processing technology. Recently launched "ClearOn" is a verb as a noise reduction of image processing engine developed in-house, resulting in improved quality, user experience optimization part of the video, such as differentiated features and tuning the performance of small and medium hospital receives acclaim from users. Take this a step further, the premium version released in the third quarter of 2016 ClearOn aims to spur development.

(2) Technology commercialization and competitiveness


(A) TFT Detector-related

1) Panel design


Medical PIN diode array design and manufacturing method of TFT Display TFT array technologies for General, was not common, this technology has advanced their patent by a myriad of Fabrication in the world is only a small part can be produced only in the form of a specific market. Verbs are these unique panel design and process technology, anywhere in the world to produce if possible Display TFT array for Fabrication production as soon as possible, can produce a Fabless operation level products.

Actually, in the meantime, H, N to verify the design Panel technology, and verbs through current if the industry's highest level of the Panel that is being spawned, Fill Factor and QE has been achieved. Also scheduled for a future release Dynamic product (video) 10 times more improved Mobility for the HS (High Speed) is the development of the design technology of the verbs the Panel. The current Size of the Proto 5x5cm Panel performance verification completed, the merchandising possible 3030Size (12 "x12"), to develop a panel of 16 products coming soon.
2) FPGA/FW design

Firmware is the software product that is built into the jaw-internal DIA's role to implement functionality that Wired/Wireless Device by controlling the PC, as well as the role of communicating with the FPGA by controlling the customer wants in a variety of shooting modes and convenience features.

The process by which the internal detector videos preprocessor from algorithm to Noise reduction through the improvement and has implemented the ability to improve the video, not the behavior of a certain Sleep mode standby hour into the city, increasing battery time (approximately 2-fold) is applied in perfecting the design.

In addition, a single Room transferred to the detector automatically recognizes multiple poke in ready-to-use Sharing features under development, and will be mounted on a new product launch in 16 years.

3) framework

Verbs in a variety of materials and molding method for equipment design capability and will be judged. Al, Mg, CFRP, etc. a variety of Case material, sheet metal, plastic, molds and a variety of processing methods, such as applying a free optimized by design in mass production. In addition, dustproof/waterproof from the outside environment through the design-intensive industrial products and to increase the competitiveness of the product is Portable, Portable product reliability, dropping the required element of 1m is not Hardy even Drop apparatus designing skills.

In the case of industrial products, according to user's requirements, relocating and special compact design the part Dead Space (the distance from the end product-Activ Area) has achieved the world's highest level of 8mm.

4) Console

Digital X-Ray images taken in order to control and manipulate on the computer, you must enable a computer to control the X-Ray photography system is referred to as Console programs. The verb has been developed in-house by the Detector hold the Console and sold as a Package. Verb Console is EMR, patient information with HL7 linkage services provided by hospitals, and make it easy to use in the Medical, Veterinary, industrial Application, such as by providing specialized UI and features increase customer satisfaction.

In addition, the client System (U-Arm) for the full automatic control also provides custom designed to Console. Easy Panel Console screen with intuitive UI developed in-House that System has been developed to control and make sure the movement is made by customer specifications and available for sale.

Whole Body and shot at the same area, taken in parts to fit the Size and then automatically pasted in at once, you can see Auto video adapter (Full Auto-Stitching) developed an algorithm, Diagnostics, convenience of Upgrade. Mobile X-ray for iOS/Android Tablet aimed at the market for the development of a separate Console, and 16 will be released in the year.


To save the captured video information you need so you can read, and management programs at PACS. Verbs are Application rated to provide differentiated comfort to Medical, Veterinary, and especially of the Solution for each reserve Medical, Chiropractic, Podiatry as a separate classification. In addition, Server and Client all-in-one Package makes it easy, even in the small hospitals have developed to make available. Outside access to the PACS, PACS Web-based Solution to enable visual confirmation, until the completion of the development of the first half of the year to 18.

6) image processing engine

To reduce the Noise of the video captured the verb, giving itself more time to facilitate correction by image processing engine developed. In the past, I bought an external image processing engine, mounted on the Console of the verb, and then it was for sale. After the development of the verb by the reader engine mount to secure cost competitiveness as well as the video quality is excellent, even if it is regarded. Depending on your environment, enabling an optimized video representation of Soft, Medium, Hard, choose from the Option of adding features, optimized for video quality, especially verbs Panel can implement. By the end of the year 2016 to Upgrade one step further and even the High-End market General Hospital can enter the mm level of quality to achieve development dedicated to that.

7) GPR

Using the existing Analog Film and CR environment, reduce the video quality, the line diverts to improve Noise Grid called the outer mounting Filter. This Film or Digital system with Grid for CR Detector if you are replacing a Grid pattern, with one of the Noise is caused by the interference, is the stumbling block of the Retrofit.

Verb, to improve this problem, S/W Grid patterns to get rid of GPR image processing (Grid Pattern Removal) Algorithm developed for sale. By applying this GPR features development, separate from the existing System were used without changes easily to enable Upgrade to DR (Digital Radiography), and make a new demand of Detector sales contributed to the increase, and that will be judged.

(I) CMOS Detector

1) ASIC design

The core technology of CMOS Detector can be secure and ASIC design skills on their own, especially high-efficiency/low noise APS (Active Pixel Sensor) Pixel design and high-speed Digital/Analog circuit design for ReadOut technology by developing majority, by itself (140) filed a patent, and a total of 40 counts of registered patents and continue in the future as the Sensor's B i z a steady business that can be done to.

In addition, one of the world's largest Size, is the world's only 12-inch 90nm CMOS process technology for high resolution/low-noise characteristics of the area using a breast screening imaging X-ray Detector with a flatbed digital manufacturing for the global medical device Firm GE Healthcare production supply As a high-GI Alcohol levels.

2) Bendable Device manufacturing technology

X-ray Sensor as my mouth At this time the For the first time in the world As the Sensor on Deposition-Flash body material, is associated with the electronic circuit board Sensor wheel to be made, the existing rigid material instead of elastic silicone material, using patients were able to reduce the pain by pressing the gums. in relation to the development of this product applied for patent rights, and representatives of the 23 already one patent a patent.

(C) based on a common technology Detector

1) CsI deposition process technology

A key part of the verb X-ray Detector CsI deposition and production technology, we have succeeded in developing a wide variety of goods, and my thick uniform Needle does at the same time implement a Structurized CsI deposition high-efficiency Light Emission by gaining a variety of Detector deposition technology CsI specifications for the development and manufacturing Solution offers.

CMOS-based Detector Technology TFT & 2)

TFT-based CMOS-based Detector Detector, and the verb both products can supply you with the development, manufacture and mass production. This is based on the characteristics of each of the TFT and CMOS, suitable for a wide variety of market demand and secure Solution, customized product development according to customer's requirements and holds the ability to respond.

(D) review the competitiveness of technology Sensor I/O

Sirona Dental in the market, such as Carestream, Gendex, Inc. the leading companies abroad, the user friendliness in mind to develop the product, but so far, S/W based on excellence in diagnostic technology enhancements for S/W to focus on improving ease of use, and Value our customers in mind, the patient, such as verb-based product development has yet to understand that without progress. (Check the IDS visit the exhibition, competitors Trends 2015)

The companies are still cheap prices through the Line-up of models focusing on competitiveness, skill levels, showing a substantial gap with the advanced enterprise and the core technology to build a Pool of intellectual property in a secure and advanced companies in terms of thirteen, which creates the illusion that this trend is expected to continue in the future.

X-ray imaging system by replacing the existing film prints can be obtained directly without X-ray Image Sensor device I/O, and verbs this is technically a step further advanced I/O with the world's first Sensor development and mass production bending attributes is successful. In other words, the Sensor on the Flash Sensor body material deposition is associated with the electronic circuit boards, which wheel to be built and the existing rigid material instead of elastic silicone material can reduce pain for patients using the gums pressing hit patients with mold product benefits.

Ray Lyons The market competition situation

(A) competition form

The main product of the verb is directly related to the life and medical Detector because of the high reliability is required. In addition, the performance is less than a certain level of x-ray dose (amount) is it possible level should be ensured in the diagnostic picture. Therefore, the most important factor in competition with the reliability of the product, and then there is the performance and price.

(B) barriers to investors, replacement cost, sales, etc.

Medical devices entering the market in order to secure the safety and reliability of the product should be a priority. Detector in the field of ensuring the safety and reliability of the products is the best way to prove that it was fitted to the final product being supplied to the hospital, and the frontlines working well is to show that (a.k.a. Reference Site). In the case of certain parts of the final product providers when CE of Europe, the United States FDA, KFDA, etc. must be certified again. By the way, these associations from 3 months to 1 year degree certification terms and cost. In the case of the foot after competitor for this reason, the Reference Site to secure this very difficult situation.

Medical equipment, the performance of the product in order to enter the market, i.e. a certain level Diagnostics, another possible level award. Diagnosis possible level in order to reach the performance level of the hardware, but software is very important. In order to make the video available for diagnosing many clinical data required by these clinical data, it is very hard to get in a short period of time because the competitors are entering the market very difficult.

The verb is a suite of Digital Detector in order to produce a lot of elements to develop skills, and all the technology, including the design of Detector technologies, the verb itself. The competitors are all of these elements in order to equip itself old technology will take time and cost will be determined, in the case of medical equipment specializes in product development and technology, as well as medical equipment sales channels also time-consuming.

(C) status of competitors

1) overview

All the medical equipment, the flagship product of the verb of the main parts of the device and thus the video using the line X verb's flagship product, the sale of them is medical devices final product industry and closely related.

Below is a direct competitor of the verb is the same, with the same family of the verbs and their competitors are selling companies, and Detector indirect competitors are planning to sale in the verb X sells the final product line video equipment.

[Overseas and domestic major competitor status]


Detector Maker

The final product supplier









Finished products importers




Finished products importers




Finished products importers

Trixel week 1)


Siemens, Philips

Lee stem




Lee stem, d Al gem



Perkin Elmer



Finished products importers




Finished products importers

Teledyne Dalsa




YXLON International---



Addition of Medi-Cal




Being in healthcare

Note 1) CR Detector flagship Digital Detector but is also for sale.

2) competitors rated world market share

X-Ray Detector market around the world, many global companies occupy, and Varian Inc., a leading global Major (United States), Perkin Elmer (United States), Canon (United States), by Trixell (European Union) approximately 86% of the world market (2013). Aside from the market, Teledyne Dalsa (United States), YXLON International (Germany), co., Ltd. (Korea), REI co., Ltd. view SolidWorks (Korea) co., Ltd. (Korea), respectively the former Dee Altec world 1-3% share of the market and competition, and

Ray Lyons Profitability

Gross profit rate is 2013, 22.4%, 2014 22.8%, 2015 41.12 % Continues to increase, and sales, the profit margin is also – 10.6% in 2014, 8.7%, 2015 23.4 Percent constantly increasing trend.

The verb's last three-year gross profit rate is allied industries (medical, precision optical instruments and watches, C27, 2014) average Ex. total IK rate 27.0 % Higher than the average profit margin of sales, allied industries also 6.1 Maintain higher levels continuously increase%. particularly since TFT Panel reliably 2015 ball Class and production yields improved in the future, depending on the choice to be constantly improving profit margin is greater.


Ray Lyons Conspiracy to help the primary analysis.

(Personal data collection. note.)

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