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1. Overview

Artist: Takeshi Azuma

Genre: school, teachers water

Series: sustainability

Weonjagin July 17, 2015, comic book based on the series was released in Korea, up to 2015 vol. 17, April 7, on the basis of a formal release until through Daewon c.i. vol. 7.

2. the plot 

Kagami is an incurable disease of the modern times as Junichi YD knit geek. In the past, this can be noted in a paper in nature, but continues to be not an otaku living day to day, true brother unit forced brother's alma mater, the temporary employment as a teacher. Former United States contact the student lessons gained the trust of, organised by the short period of time, has been fired. I am once again going back to life some neat huh debacle and felt satisfied with the lessons of that it's interesting to see how the girl felt hiiragi Mizuhara and past Kagami to thoroughly played the best mankind has been Director of CERM thinktank par team Bernard Lynn will receive the Scout at the same time.

3. Characters (holographic video production)

Kagami as Junichi


Kagami Suzuka Yes


Hiiragi Mizuhara


Kano Minako


Momojono Machina


Chi I Ka I


Shikishima key Ricoh


Tianjin--a Saki

Kotaro Araki

Nanami essay junior

Kurata Madoka mochida

Momojono Kazuya

Tim Bernard Lin

H. Le Cates

Komi Jana Gare

Cormier's L'Auberge du Chalet à Gobet

Tow your Yamato

Moo-Kyo Reiko

Kush Nada MoE s.

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