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    Hotel Lotte business research about the area.

    Claim has been approved. The schedule is not yet stated a conspiracy.

    Hotel Lotte is the lack of disclosure of material information about the note, I tried to write.


    Sales survey
    Hotels, duty free shops, theme parks, resorts, golf courses and in business etc.


    Hotel business sector
    Hotel operates Lotte Hotel Seoul, Lotte Hotel world, Lotte Hotel Jeju, Lotte Hotel Moscow, Lotte Hotel Ulsan, Ulsan, legend Hotel Saigon, Lotte Hotel Guam, Lotte Hotel Hanoi, Lotte Hotel Busan Lotte co., Ltd. in the New York Palace, the management agreement with the domestic and overseas ten Super Deluxe Hotel and Lotte city hotel, Lotte City Hotel Gimpo Airport, Lotte City Hotel Jeju, Lotte City Hotel Daejeon, Lotte city hotel, Lotte Hotel Ulsan, Lotte City Hotel Tashkent Palace operates seven hotels in the business.

    Constant refurbishment to proceed through the current industry best-in-class facilities, and to build a sustainable chain in April 2009, beginning with the ' abrasion Lotte City Hotel Lotte city hotel ' brand and expand.

    In order to strengthen its presence in the global hotel chains in September 2010 at the Lotte Hotel in Moscow, Russia, April 2013 at the legend Hotel Saigon Ho Chi Minh Viet Nam, Lotte and Uzbekistan in October, Lotte City Hotel Tashkent Palace, fully rebranded with your open. In the u.s. in June 2014, Lotte Hotel Guam, Guam in September of the same year, Viet Nam opened Lotte Hotel in Hanoi, in 2015, in August, the New York Palace, New York in the United States and abroad, fully rebranded with your chain Lotte building.


    Tax Division
    Small ball point, sports in Jeju, Incheon Airport duty free shop, points, points, points to two airport duty-free shops and Kimpo Airport offshore in Jakarta Indonesia Jakarta airport to the point of points, points, points to Singapore's Changi Airport, Guam Airport, Kansai Airport and operates duty-free shops on the Internet.

    Branches across the country and the largest duty-free business unit products and, true to its customers both in the domestic as well as global duty free with love to grow.


    World Division

    In 1989, jamsil Lotte World adventure in the remodeling, and a four-season climate can be enjoyed, regardless of the indoor theme park. In 1993, the world's largest indoor theme park was listed in the Guinness Book of world records, in 2007 exceeded the cumulative 1 million visitors. Currently, the ever-increasing demand to meet constantly in progress and expansion, multifaceted Park business looking to expand. As part of these, at the end of may — one of the largest domestic Gimhae, Gyeongnam Lotte water park opened, on October 2014, jamsil Lotte World Mall opened an underground Aquarium. For the past 25 years, the nation's top theme parks operated by full use of the know-how is another pleasure to many people


    Resort Division

    September 2010 Baekje culture of giving, chungnam located within the resort only open operating grant, Lotte, a total of 322 rooms rooms and Aqua garden, golf courses, outlet is equipped with facilities such as Lotte shopping history, leisure, giving the resort a complex resort. In addition, the seven landscape the World March 2012, selected another beautiful piece of art, Jeju art villas have been remodeling. Art Villa is a world-wide nature of philosophy and the original design of the architect combined five made of high-quality premium resort of Jeju, differentiated services and quality. Such a resorts Division of nature and culture and, through differentiated resort development in a break to those who provide the best service and the best rest


    The characteristics of the market

    ○ Date of sales of pharmaceutical sex

    The hotel is a large facility and sold at the same time, the service organized satisfaction because even though the surge in demand in the industrial facilities to more than the ability to sell these difficulties.

    ○ Seamless working capital flow

    Most of the cash sales, sales revenue or credit card sales receivable and inventory investment because it blends a serious sales drove down the burden of capital flow of money is good compared to the manufacturing industry.

    ○ Game and associativity

    The hotel industry's sales are closely related to the domestic tourism industry's game has a particular relevance in the case of a Deluxe Hotel and a great impact on overseas because foreign trends in the hotel industry is that companies are some of the many great attributes unchanged by external factors.

    * Please note that the hotel has created a public notice of the material.

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