'KB No.9 Special Purpose Acquisition Company' business know about the area.

The full name of the company a favor Pack 9 k bis "k bis Pack no. 9 for the purpose of acquisition co., Ltd.".

It's very hard. The purpose of company acquisition refers to corporate mergers and other businesses and is the final goal.


-Business alluring merger-

To know about financial investment services and capital markets law (hereinafter referred to as the "capital market law") in accordance with the companies listed on the Korea Exchange KOSDAQ market sovereignty of another company (hereinafter referred to as the "merger target Corporation") and the only business purposes to merge and, beyond that, is not a separate business. (Disclosure materials)


-Focus on business for the merger in the County –


These companies are trying to merge to merge the target sector.

As for the rest of the financial or material please refer to public notice ...

K bis Pack no. 9 business know about the area.


(Note that only a personal opinion.)

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