• Know about Juliet's man SBS de Lamy.
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    Know about Juliet's man SBS de Lamy.

    In 2000, the drama – Juliet's man-SBS

    1. basic information

    Juliette's men on September 14, 2000-11-09-2000, every Wednesday, Thursday night was aired on SBS at 21:55-minute mini series.

    2000 SBS acting awards SBS i Awards, big star awards, people's choice award-man Cha Tae-hyun

    2000 SBS acting awards female newcomer Kim min-Hee


    2. the cast

    Cha Tae-hyun: bodyguard long-term wind station

    For support: Juliet Sam song department store ceo song Lin station

    Ji Jin-Hee: Romeo Shin Woo Choi, Seung-Woo-mount station coordination group opportunities

    Kim min-Hee: Fire Fox small cold non-station

    Kim the spirit: three song department store Vice President → General → ladies apparel floor Manager Ms. Mira station

    Old and new: a private money lender loans chapter Sambu, Myeong-dong station

    River rich: St. ne hundred rich private money lender hawksbill station

    Forever young-the Department store lines and three song: Jean → planning and Coordination Office Kim Chung-Seon-mount station

    Joe reproduction: three song Department exaggerated → ladies clothing store supervisors thugs Kyu station (Ms. Mira thugs)

    Baek Seung-Hyun

    Park Jin-Ha

    Kim intern

    Choi Jun Yong: Frances o (Oh Moon) lawyer station

    Transfer expression: Seong-Cheol ceo station

    Pottery stone: President load station

    Song Chae-hwan: three song department store planning and Coordination Office Kim Jung-Joo station

    The winning column: three song Department sulphur re-sprouts CIO station

    Kim Eun-Jung: Chairman, daughter number station line Cancer Foundation

    Park estates: three song Department Director station

    This bleed: premature Department of the Bank Bank station

    The arguments to: song Chae Lin's father Sam song Department full-time President song Jae-hwan station

    Park Chae-Lin's mother three integer: song song and his wife, former ceo of the Department store station

    Lee Jung-Gil: Shin Woo Group Chairman Choi (Choi Seung-mount father)

    Nam Yoon-Jeong: Shin Woo Group Chairman, Mrs. Choi (Choi Seung-mount mother)

    Shenyang Hong: line number of this father, Chairman of the Cancer Foundation station

    Nam Young-Jin: a rated bank branch manager, Myeong-dong station

    Chief of station, thin build stock symbol:


    3. plot

    Inside the plane Lin (for support) in the guise of a smitten ethos (Cha Tae-hyun min) is a drunk condition, but Lin a drink ticket and then blushing per million. After landing the ethos is cwijaejini yourself a Molly now carrying Koto Lin Seung-Woo (Ji Jin-Hee min) getting away in a car of the ride. The ethos is to donate the grandfather was news to hundreds of billions of eyes turned upside down. My grandfather told me to cancel with back pain on ejaculation a ethos to Sambu (Shingu minutes) as the key to the vault of my cane and rich deonjyeojunda. Department store went to Lin's father is visualizing the crying burst. Mira (Kim the spirit min) Lin came to hear the news. Bond girls are caught in a power-anywhere Lin is frustrating. Blume in the crisis be crying Lin bend. Meanwhile, the ethos is the grandfather in the vault at the Department store pulled out of bonds. Win the next day crying M&A look for a department store status with the team. W wish father crying borrowing arguments (Lee Jung Gil minutes) as opposed to a department store to take over for the team lead. Seung-woo tries to rely on to the Lin mo (Park, integer minutes) to take care of their own, saying the Lin says. 3 billion-a-year promissory note to Myra didn't prevent Vice President Lin think himself a boss. And Lin, official atmosphere no fault of your own pleasure is false. Lin is just the company's situation gets awkward to watch. Meanwhile, Department stores were part of the ethos at the end of the devastated ...


    4. free available one

    SBS ALL VOD : http://www.sbs.co.kr/allvod/vodMain.do

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