• SBS de la Belle rookie, let's know about.
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    SBS de la Belle rookie, let's know about.

    In 2000, the drama-rookie-SBS

    1. basic information

    Rookie in December 2000, 11 January 2001, 30 produced from SBS broadcast like the drama. Flow logistics, Hwang Shin Hye, Park Jung-chul, Kim Seung-soo, Jin, Cho appeared, such as reproduce, Oh Seung-Hyun. Living in the company of young people, through friendship and love. However, as the issue before the cast aired had measles.


    2. the cast

    Geon: Premium sundae station

    Hwang Shin Hye: Jo station

    Kim Seung-soo: transcendent station

    Park Jung Chul: oil city station

    Owned by: EOM COP station

    Joe reproduction: Heo Jang-Suk station

    Seung Hyun Oh: red kite room station

    Kang Sung-Yeon: I sincerely station

    Lim Hyun-Sik: I broadcast station

    Park won sook: Yun Ong station

    Lee, Hee: River station

    Choi Sung Joon: vastly-RI station

    This opened in


    3. plot

    A measly (geon) build your dream in a dream Dragon Lady (Hwang Shin Hye: Jo Yeo station) and the marriage is scarcely underway in the mouth too the water line like not knowing. NET is aware of the fact that the real dream that dream. Complaint and go to work by subway was a measly (geon) ringed bag among the people was set off by her aunt to deflate. The lady appeared and was shouting and calling for an investigation of the subway is called razzle dazzle to tremble. New employee: (Park Jung-Chul) and COP (owned) is working as a team, to a measly sales of special forces on the issue. Feldspar (reproduction) and temporal (Kim Seung-soo) and one by the cops and take charge of the orientation. Bobby's brother being each others ' mistakes for the sense of innocence rods as a surrogate to know the fact that stay. In the company of elite troops to cover the loss for the organization. The fact that the COP does anyone notices a measly's brother. NET with the introduction of the rivers for matchmaking. Met up with a measly Faerie shot Kim Hye-soo is delighted to see the beautiful appearance. Joy is also a handsome guy called to confront the real South. Then he appeared ugly woman called Gimhae. Lose the illusion of having a measly .....


    4. free available one

    SBS ALL VOD : http://www.sbs.co.kr/allvod/vodMain.do

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    * Note: SBS ALL VOD

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