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Lotte Hotel is a famous Hotel Lotte called let's analyze for enterprise.

Conspiracy is a conspiracy precursors for approved events.

Don't have a lot of published material by material composition.


1. Hotel Lotte business area

Hotels and duty-free shops are the main business hotel is the advance guard of the export industries without smokestacks, as in 1973 on the occasion of the establishment of the hotel Lotte co., Ltd domestic brands is used to express a hotel Quicken 1986 Seoul Asian Games, and the 1988 Seoul Olympics and the 2002 World Cup, before accelerating the advance of domestic and abroad as the domestic chain hotels Luxury hotels is a chain of hotels and abroad through partnership or competition in world class facilities and services


The business sector

Born in the neck

Article 43 the three quarter

Sales (percentage)

Gross profit (ratio)

Hotel Division

Hotel services

(Lotte Hotel)

3510 (6.0%)

917 (7.0%)

Tax Division

Duty-free goods (duty free)

30476 (52.5%)

11653 (55.4%)

World Division

Amusement park services
(Lotte World adventure)

1766 (3.0%)

305 (2.3%).

Golf Division

Golf services

(Jeju, grant golf course)

128 (0.4%)

128 (1.0%)

Resort Division

Resort service

(Lotte resort)

190 (0.5%)

80 (0.6%)



36070 (100.0%)

13083 (100.0%)


2. Hotel Lotte financial re table

District minutes

In the third quarter of 2015

In the third quarter of 2014




Operating profit



Continuing business profit



Net income



Earnings per share (USD)




Last year in the wake of Megan in 2015, performing half chips ' up. .. Hall, the audience seems to want to pause reduction phenomenon.

Shareholder composition

The Joo Joo Myung

Ro drinking water co., Ltd.

Equity ratio (%)

Japan co., Ltd. to Lotte holdings



Japan (main) L the fourth investment company



Japan co., Ltd. L 9 investment company










3. Hotel Lotte growth

New business, such as information and views (Disclosure materials)
Business hotel business, the hotel business and the business in earnest. Luxury hotel as part of its entry into the hotel business differentiate itself in April 2009, 284-room's Lotte City Hotel abrasion and December 2011, 190-room Lotte city hotel, Seoul-Gimpo Airport February 2014, the scale of the rooms in Jeju-SI Lotte City Hotel Jeju, on March the same year, Room 312-room Lotte city hotel rooms in July, 283-room wars and Lotte city hotel in June 2015, guro, room 354 room opened, and the current Lotte city hotel in Ulsan to continue the expansion of the city hotel brand.

Moscow hotel business in 2007, is already being operated by department stores and opening the project, 300 rooms and meeting facilities, equipped with the 5-star Lotte Hotel Moscow has opened in September 2010. This April 2013, Viet Nam Ho Chi Minh in the 283-room five-star legend Hotel Saigon and the Bulldogs on October of the same year, Uzbekistan Tashkent open Tashkent Palace, fully rebranded with your Lotte city hotel, Lotte Hotel in June 2014, u.s. territories Guam Guam in September, including Viet Nam Hanoi 318-Room 5-star Lotte Hotel newly opened Hanoi, such as Lotte Hotel is both actively expanding businesses

The first United States domestic branded hotels in New York, the August room 2015, the 5-star luxury hotel, Room 909, Lotte, Seoul's landmark New York Palace to emerge into the open fully rebranded with your height 123 floor, 235-room six-star hotel Lotte World Tower (jamsil, Lotte Hotel world), as well as Sokcho, Haeundae Beach escape Japan Myoko city material ski resort, St. Petersburg, Russia and Samara Yangon Myanmar, People's Republic of China's Yantai, Shenyang, Chengdu, more than 40 domestic and foreign drug by 2018 on the hotel chain, is planning to operate the global hotel brand to stretch and build the infrastructure for

Tax Division also enters the world duty free market by 2018 aims for second place and the airport duty free shops Jakarta, Indonesia in 2012 as a start, Guam, Singapore, Osaka, airport duty free shops have opened, and plans to enter Japan in duty-free shops in the area. World ranking-14 World theme park in 2014 Division recorded above, and 2014 in Gimhae, Lotte DPT jamsil Lotte water park and Aquarium operated by open. By 2020, the world's TOP 5 theme park launch and operate 20 Park aims to expand its business. Based on these ongoing efforts, such as Disney, Universal Studios theme park plans to grow shoulder-to-shoulder to global

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